Heart to Heart Interview with Raisa

Credits: Flabbergast Productions

One of the Indonesia’s top singer, Raisa Andriana, will be visiting our sunny island for her first solo concert in Singapore. We got the opportunity to interview this elegant soulful singer via email. She started to sing and upload her videos on YouTube 6 years ago. Wanting people to hear her singing and get feedback from them to make her a better singer, motivates her to upload videos on YouTube. With the technology we all have right now, it allows everybody to share it easily.

Raisa shared that her inspiration will always be her family as she is a very family oriented person. Her family always comes first in her life no matter what. She want to keep growing as a singer or in music and always wants to be a better singer. Needless to say, being beautiful and talented attracts a lot of guys. When asked about what she looks for in a guy, Raisa replied, “Hmm, a nice man with a great attitude, kind, great mind and way of thinking, smart and oh, a great sense of humor!”.

Credits: Universal Music Indonesia

Her second album, Heart to Heart was released last November. When she was asked about her inspiration to write and personal connections with the songs in the album, she replied that almost all of her songs have a deeper meaning to her. Not necessarily her own experience, but it can be from her friends’ stories. She listened to the stories and some of it really inspired her to write songs. The reason why she named her album “Heart to Heart”.

Credits: Behance

Being a singer, there is always that one special moment. Interacting with her fans is always an unforgettable experience as the fans always pleasantly surprise her with their kindness, honesty and showing her love that makes her want to be a better person for herself, for her fans and everyone.

Raisa’s voice shows and reflect her sweet and soothing personality. Will she try another genre of music to show a different side of her such as pop dance or dangdut? Raisa admitted that it is actually hard to sing dangdut and maybe will keep singing pop music.

Since its her first solo concert in Singapore, there will be a lot of things fans can look forward to. Her performance will have a different concept that people have never seen thus far; an intimate and cosy atmosphere. In addition, there will be new composition of her music for almost all of her songs. There will be a merchandise, specifically made for this concert too!

Here are five random and fun facts about Raisa: 

1. She love cats, eventhough she has asthma.
2. She loves interior decorating.
3. She loves cooking is pretty good at!
4. She would rather stay home than being out all day.
5. In music, she has always love Brian Mcknight and India Arie. Currently, she is in love with Emeli Sande and Sam Smith’s music.

Is this enough to get you hyped up to her concert on 1st October? Grab your tickets now and make sure you don’t miss it!

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Rudy Tedja from Flabbergast Productions for coordinating the interview and Raisa  for taking time to accommodate to this interview.

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