Top 5 National Day Songs’ Covers

Singapore is celebrating its birthday today! Happy Birthday Singapore!

This year, unlike previous years, instead of a new song, old songs are given a fresh twist to it. Other than that, more local talents are being showcased. It is encouraging to see the new and experienced talents working together.

Thus, we at The Fifth Parlour, did our research and uncovered five covers that are worthy to be heard!

Check out the medley of songs performed by 53A! It is amazing how this band is able to fit nine songs perfectly. Not only the transition is smooth, you will also be able to find three languages in the song! I really love their rendition of Stand Up for Singapore!

SteadiProductions covers Where I Belong. This song is one of my favourite songs of all time therefore, my expectation will be high in choosing the right cover. Originally sung by Tanya Chua, hearing this song sung by a male brings a different touch to it.

Home seems like a popular National Day song. When searching for the different covers. Home is the most covered song ever! Performed by Kexin, I just fall in love when listening to her rendition of Home. I find myself repeating it over and over again!

Another cover of Home sung by the talented The Sam Willows and Josh Wei! This rendition of Home just wowed me. Other than their awesome vocals,  the violin added a special touch to this song. This is not the typical covers of Home you listened to. I really hope The Sam Willows will get to perform the song for Singapore next year!

I’m not sure if you have heard of different rendition of our National Anthem, but if you have not, check out this cover sung by NorthBound!

Hey Singaporeans, I am sure by now you are aware that there are talents in Singapore! 🙂

The Fifth Parlour would like to wish Singapore a very Happy 49th Birthday! 

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