After 6 months, flumpool has returned to Singapore with a full scale solo concert for their fans here. Fans had the chance to get up-close and personal with flumpool at their first open press conference at JCube on August 1.

The friendly four-man Japanese pop-rock band had chosen Singapore as one of their exclusive overseas stops because according to Ryuta Yamamura (vocalist), “The fans here are very energetic and passionate. We’re looking forward to our first ever solo concert here even though we’ve been here for four times already!”

Kazuki: Even though we have been here for a few times, I finally took a picture with the merlion, doing a pose pretending drinking the water from the Merlion’s mouth. That was fun.

Since the concert has the theme, “MOMENT”, everyone had a chance to share their most memorable moment with us.

Ryuta shared that their very first Budoukan Live concert was very memorable for him but as it was held in Japan, they couldn’t share those moments with the fans here. Therefore, they came to Singapore to create new memories for the Singapore fans as well as for himself to which Seiji agreed.

Genki then made everyone laughed by saying his most memorable moment was when he received his first paycheck! Genki continued with a straight face, “Before that everytime I check the bank account it was always negative.”

When the members were asked about the one song that described their journey in flumpool, Seiji chose ‘Akashi’. It was once arranged and sung by a school choir and he was so mesmerized by that performance as he sang along with them. Ryuta mentioned ‘Hana Ni Nare’ because it was their very first song and Genki who didn’t want to say his answer, just agreed to everything Ryuta was saying.

However Ryuta made him answered the quesiton to which Genki chose the song, ‘Taisetsu na mono wa kimi ga ite ni naranakute’ because of the great memories they shared together when they shoot the PV.

Kazuki then joined in the conversation, “But I wasn’t in the pv! I was shocked that I almost had zero screentime.” Making everyone laughed. Kazuki further shared that their song ‘Frame’ left a deep impression on him. He always have the image of him singing it at Budoukan in his mind whenever he heard this song.

Talking about how flumpool music has changed over the 5 years, Ryuta stated that initially their focus was more towards their lyrics but for the latest song, “Because… I am” they put in more effort for the band sounds.

It is not a Singapore press con if there is no food related question, is it? So the boys also shared with us their favorite local food.

Ryuta, “Chilli crab. But the truth is we actually like those buns (mantou) that comes along with the chilli crab more. In fact, we don’t really need the crab! Because we enjoyed eating the buns with the sauce more!

Lastly, talking about their future plans, Ryuta mentioned that they are all inspired by MAYDAY (a Taiwanese alternative rock band) whom they have got the chance to work with recently. Flumpool wants to become a band like MAYDAY, that could attract fans in every country.

As a special treat to the fans and media that were present, flumpool performed an acoustic version of “Hana Ni Nare”.

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank One Production for the invitation to the press conference. 

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