Wing Zone- Buffalo Wing

Being a chicken lover, I was attracted to Wing Zone which serves Buffalo wings that is drenched with sauces of different flavours and also level of spiciness. Their menu also includes chicken tenders, sandwich, burgers, salads, fries, potato wedges and dessert.

The welcoming counter staff greeted me as I stepped into Wing Zone. As a first timer, I was clueless on what to choose from but thankfully, the counter staff introduced the menu and even gave me a chance to taste the popular flavours. There are 17 flavours to choose from. I tasted the Nuclear Habanero and Hotshot. 

I settled with Tokyo Dragon with the set that is accompanied with rice. You can either choose rice or fries. The aroma of the rice is quite appealing: it tasted like the classic chicken rice. The sauce of Tokyo Dragon is like when a sweet hot honey meets the classic Teriyaki. You can taste the ginger and soy sauce when eating it.

I also ordered chicken tenders with Nuclear Habanero as the dipping sauce since I love spicy and it is the most spiciest sauce with a touch of sourish flavour. For me, the chicken is hard. The older generation might have a problem eating it. The chicken tender is too dry but the sauce saves the day. Personally, I would be back just for the sauce and the service.

If you like American style Buffalo Chicken Wings, head down to Wing Zone,a Halal certified outlet ,at Century Square. If you are lazy, you can just pick up the phone and call them to bring the chickens to you!


Wing Zone 

Century Square,

2 Tampines Central 5

Singapore 529509


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