Hunter Hayes Makes Fans Feel Wanted During the “Storyline” Showcase

Four time Grammy Nominee, Hunter Hayes, performed at The Star Terrace, The Star Performing Arts Centre yesterday to a crowd of 300.  Hunter started the show with Storyline, the song from his latest album.

Hunter managed to bring the crowd up from their seats and formed a crowd behind the barricade. Hunter wasted no time in performing seven songs  which included hits such as Invisible, I Want Crazy and Wanted during the 35 minutes showcase. Hunter also thanked the fans for their continuing support since his debut. He has been receiving tweets from Singapore and is happy that he is finally here to perform.

Hosted by The Wake Up Call duo, Joakim Gomez and Sonia Chew, the duo asked Hunter about what is his takeaway on Singapore, his answer was simple, “I want to come back to Singapore!”. The humidity does not deter Hunter. He confessed that he really loves the warm weather.

Personally, it was one of the shortest showcase I have ever attended. I wanted more but the meet and greet topped it up. After the showcase, attendees were asked to wait patiently as Hunter took some time to prepare for the autograph and photo taking session. A table was being placed on the stage. It seems like he will be seating behind the table and signed the autograph and then we will be standing behind him to take the group picture – that was what I thought.

However, the ever friendly, Hunter did not even used the table. Every single fan, yes read EVERY, was greeted with a hug and/or a handshake before their poster was autographed. Imagine standing for an hour plus, signing poster after poster including some other items and then smile for the camera with zero break, that is exhausting. Hunter only took a few seconds of water break and continued with the autograph and photo taking session. Never once did his smile fade away. He sure makes fans feel wanted and appreciated. It is encouraging to see artist who is so humble and take time to thank and interact with the fans.

Hey Hunter, we are waiting for the good news of your Singapore tour. Thanks to you, I am left wanting more of your voice!

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