Not only committed in their performance, these boys are really committed in answering our questions during the interview.

JPNSGRLS pronounced as Japanese Girls is a pop rock band from Canada.  Passionate about the arts and musics brought Charlie Kerr (vocals), Oliver Mann (guitar), Chris McClelland (bass) and Graham Serl (drums) together. They have the vision of being famous and touring the world. Look at where they are now, they were in Singapore last month for Music Matters Live.

Mass of the Fermenting Dregs

Inspired by female Japanese rock band, Mass of the Fermenting Dregs, they named the band Japanese Girls as a tribute to them. Initially, the band’s name was Japanese Girls but after googling themselves online, they realised that people will have difficulties finding them. Instead, they will get distracted by let say, pornography. Thus, the band decided to take out all the vowels.

Formed in 2010, JPNGRLS have since released The Sharkweek EP in 2013 and next month, they will be releasing their brand new debut LP, Circulation. Circulation consists of 12 songs that were tracked in just seven days. The band shared that for this album, they have references on the lyrics to Inglorious Bastard, The Sam Lord, Boys Don’t Cry; inpired by films. The band describes the album to be an eclectic mix of metal, pop and a little mix of everything, different from the first EP. Most importantly, Circulation offers fans an insight to how the band sound live.

Smalls is the first single from the upcoming album. You can expect the same energy they portray on their music video during their live performances too.

If you are checking out the band for the fist time, Smalls  and Mushroom, are the two songs the band urged you to listen to.

Touring is part and parcel of a band’s life. Each city provides a different experience. So what is JPNGRLS impression of the Singaporean crowd?

Charlie described Singapore’s crowd in one word – AMAZING. According to Charlie, the crowd in Singapore is very responsive and will start singing and chanting right from the first chorus unlike in other countries, where they will only start to sing along at the second or third chorus. He loves the enthusiasm the crowd has towards music.

After Singapore, the band will be busy performing in Canada and will probably be heading to United States later this summer.

JPNSGRLS is not a typical band you see in the music industry. They worked really hard to get to where they are now. Here are some fun facts about JPNSGRLS:

  1. Charlie acted alongside Randy Orton, a WWE werestler, in 2 Rounds: Reloaded.
  2. Three of the songs in their debut EP, Sharkweek, were either originally written or re-arrange music in Nintendo DS!
  3. Chris is six foot seven and the half. (You will feel that you are like a dwarf standing next to him, that’s how I felt)
  4. The first review of the EP was reviewed by a Singaporean Journalist before any Canada media.
  5. The band started out in high school, but the boys did not attend the same high school.

If you are into energetic, rock and roll and pop rock, JPNSGRLS will be able to satisfy your needs.  😉

For more information on the band, you can follow them on twitter @JPNSGRLS and like their Facebook Page,

Thank you JPNSGRLS for the interview. All the best for your upcoming LP and we cannot wait to hear the final product!

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