Dine at Kam Boat Teochew Restaurant on Father’s Day

Father’s Day is approaching soon and if your father is a fan of  Teochew food, you should check out Kam Boat 金龙船海鲜酒家, a restaurant that I often frequent. Not only do they serve delicious food, they provide great service.

During my visit there, I would usually order fish as one of the main dish. Be it steamed or fried, it does not matter because I just love the way they cook it. The fish is always fresh and tender. Their fish skin cracker is really crunchy and you will be asking for more after one bite. My family and I dine here during special occasions such as birthdays and what I like about celebrating special occasions in the restaurant is that, they are able to specially design a menu for you as per your request.

The longevity buns as seen above is  specially made and designed for my brother during his birthday. You do not need to have cake to celebrate a birthday.

If you dine at this restaurant, do not forget to try their roasted meat and Beijing pecking duck , they are to die for! It is crispy and tender, just the way I like it. I am sorry that I do not have pictures to show you because there is no time to waste when the dish arrives.

I believe this restaurant is an ideal place for you to bring your father during Father’s Day and it is rather affordable.

Kam Boat Teochew Restaurant

Orchard Parade Hotel

Tanglin Road

#01-13 1


6733 6755

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