LUNAFLY calls themselves MaIndie + says Singapore feels like a second home to them!

Nega Network’s trio band LUNAFLY is back here again in Singapore for the third time and they are set to greet local fans once again through LUNAFLY From Us To You Fanmeet organized by Aurora Borealis.

Lunafly at the press conference!

Consisting of charismatic leader Sam Carter, mood maker Shin Tae Ho (Teo) and youngest Han Seung Yun (Yun), the trio first entered the music scene in 2012 via social video platform, YouTube with “How Nice Would It Be” which gathered a considerable amount of interest and popularity from the mass. They showcased their versatility as a band through self-produced songs as well as covers of English and even Spanish songs, in which they are widely praised for their pronunciation, creativity and impressive vocal abilities and musical skills. This explains their popularity both domestically and internationally.

To date, the band has played many gigs and received many love calls internationally, even performing in Mexico where team member, Teo received a bra on stage in the middle of the concert, dubbing it as the most interesting gift he had ever received.

Standing in the middle between idol pop and indie, the trio chose to categorize themselves as MaIndie (a combination of Mainstream and Indie). Sam shared that even though many have commented that they are an indie band, he feels that they have never really been involved in the indie music scene. Though they have performed in indie clubs in Korea for a few times, they are still far from the indie scene. Considering the fact that their music is not a common sound in the mainstream industry and they are signed under a mainstream music label, he believes MaIndie is the closest he can go in terms of talking about the identity of the band.

For a group which took the unconventional route of not making their debut via music programs, Yun shared his thoughts on their experience doing promotions on music programs for their recent album Special Guy. He mentioned that initially, it felt awkward performing on music shows as it was something really new to the team. He felt that they were really lacking a lot due to limited experience and the team had to work harder to show a better image of the band. The opportunities to perform on music shows were really fun and it has also allowed the band to befriend other aspiring artists. Sam shared his celebrities’ friends list which includes leading idol group member, INFINITE’s Nam Woohyun.

The trio believed that even if they were to break into the industry the conventional way, the results would still be similar. Leader Sam shared that both options were different and viable but entering the music scene the unconventional way was more suited for the band.

The band also shared their experience of recording Special Guy, which has a different concept from what they normally do. They described the experience as a challenging and fun experience as they had never work on a song which is mixed with a variety of genres. It allowed them to mature as musicians, showing a different side to the band.

Lunafly’s youngest, Yun

Known for their active interactions with fans on social media site Twitter, Yun shared his joy of receiving mentions from fans. He shared that usually, fans would send mentions with “I love you” and “I miss you” but sometimes, there are fans who asked how his day was and he really appreciates the thought. Sam adds on that fans would also talk about their day which is very nice too.

Lunafly’s moodmaker, Teo

Lunafly’s leader, Sam

Back for their third visit, Sam shared that Singapore feels like a second home to the band. Every time they play in Singapore, they feel very comfortable and at ease. In addition, he shares his joy of seeing familiar faces in the crowd for their shows in Singapore.

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank LUNAFLY and Aurora Borealis for giving us the opportunity to cover the press conference!

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