A deeper insight on Miss “Lion Lungs” – Bec Laughton

Bec Laughton, the girl with the “Lion Lungs”, was in Singapore last month for Music Matters 2014 and charmed the audience with her powerful vocals and upbeat performances. I managed to catch Bec perform on the first night of Music Matters at Crazy Elephant and instantly fell in love with her genuinity – before Bec’s performance, she mingled and chatted with the audience and even went around passing everyone stickers. I found myself grooving to the beat of the sounds churned out by Bec and her company and before I knew it, I was hooked to her tunes.

On the last day of Music Matters, The Fifth Parlour got the opportunity to sit down with the lively Brisbane girl and got some tips on where she gets her energy from, some information on her latest EP and learned some fun facts about Miss “Lion Lungs” herself.

Meet the energetic Bec Laughton!

Bec is a petite lady, but don’t be fooled. Behind her small stature is a powerful voice and a whole lot of energy. It’s hard to imagine anyone possessing that amount of energy! When Bec performs, she throws in her all. Bec shared with us that she is able to deliver such energy-packed performances simply because of conserving her energy before a show. In the hour leading up to the show, she is usually seen quiet and composed while she has her “alone time” backstage. This allows her to have enough energy to give to the audience. She added that it’s a tiring process, however when the audience reciprocates, it gives her more energy to deliver an even more energetic performance. It’s hard not be reciprocate too, since Bec’s energy onstage is infectious!

Bec sharing with us about her music

It is evident that Bec is a talented singer-songwriter from the lyrics that she pens down. The title track in her latest EP, M & R, was nominated and awarded a prestigious prize in Australia even before it’s completion. This spurred Bec to spend more time refining the song into what it is today. The other tracks in the album M & R were described by Bec as “more adventurous than anything she’s ever released” and it’s more indie, electronic and fun (think Frank Ocean). Bec shared that every time she writes, it will be different as she plays around with new sounds and experiments with her music. However, as much as Bec tries out new directions, her music will always remain soulful.

Bec Laughton being cheery at the interview

Here are some fun facts about Bec:

1. Her most memorable performance was her first show in New York in 2013. It started snowing during her performance and she felt the immense appreciation from the crowd which made her all choked up. It was also her first experience with snow!

2. Her hidden talents include playing volleyball and doing a handstand. For the latter, she says that she has not mastered it yet, but she is learning acrobatics and she believes that she will be able to do one soon.

3. André 3000 is one of the many artists that she would love to collaborate with. She says that Andre has “mad style” and she is madly in love with him.

4. Her nickname “Lion Lungs” was given to her by a Broadway actress named Catherine during her time playing Dorothy in the motown musical, The Wiz. The nickname came about as Catherine, who was backstage back then, was able to hear Bec coming when she was all the way back at the parking lot!

5. She was asked to audition for 3 music talent television programs but she turned down all of them. She feels that TV shows are a wrong kind of exposure and are often about ratings, fame and money – those are the 3 reasons why she doesn’t make music. Although TV would be a great platform to spread her music and propel her into fame, she believes that such fame isn’t lasting and she wants to be known for the music that she writes instead.

Since catching her performance on the first day of Music Matters, her song “Holy Love” has been on replay in my head 24/7. Bec Laughton was one of my favorite discoveries from Music Matters 2014. Her exuberant personality, remarkable vocal prowess completely won me over as a fan and I am already looking forward to her future releases. Check out this stripped down version of her song, “Holy Love“:

For more information regarding Bec, you can check her out at her website at http://www.beclaughton.com/. You can follow her twitter account at @beclaughton for more updates too.

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/beclaughton

YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/beclaughton

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Siobhan for coordinating the interview and Bec Laughton for the interview. We wish Bec all the best in her future endeavors and to always have the energy to pursue what she loves doing!

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