Mark Dishes About Hogan & Their Plans to Conquer Asia

Hogan – the first thing that comes to your mind must be the wrestler from World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Other than Hulk Hogan, there is another Hogan who is making a name for themselves in Ireland and other parts of the world. Last month, they even got to play at Olympia where famous and great musicians such as The Rolling Stones, The Beatles have played on the same stage.

Mark Hogan (Vocals, Guitar), Wayne Brereton (Guitar) and Ronan Nolan (Drums & Mayhem) are what Hogan is all about. Recently, Hogan performed at Music Matters Live and The Fifth Parlour got to check the band out. However, we were puzzled that only Mark was performing. We even thought that we were checking out the wrong band.

Mark revealed that the rest of the band members are in Ireland and he is the only one here. Hence, instead of the usual sound, audience were treated to acoustic versions of the songs. Even though he performed alone with his guitar, his performance was top notch. His interaction with the audience is genuine and he knows how to work the crowd. During one of his performance at Beer Market, he even got off the stage to perform closer to the audience creating an intimate ambiance.

A lot of explanation was needed on Mark’s part when he gave out the EP at the show as he had to explain what the band actually sound like is a departure from his acoustic performance. Mark envied the other bands that were performing at Music Matters Live because he missed having fun performing with his band.

Hogan has since released an album, Boom and two EPs, Gimme Love, and Closer. The song No, No, No from the debut EP has received an encouraging feedback.

The song cracked the Top 40 of the Irish airplay charts, climbed to number 13 on its first day of the Irish iTunes’ charts and was picked as the UTV Irish single of the month in September 2012 which managed to reach a collective radio audience of 1 million people.

The EP, Closer, which was released last October was really a fast and furious process. The band met their management last March and was told that they had booked a studio for them in two weeks time. Within, the two weeks, the band had to live and breathe nothing but the album. They wrote the songs in just seven days and recorded everything in five days.

Even though it was a rush, they really love the adrenaline when producing the album. This gives them the option not to over think their choices and do what feels right. In return, the EP did really well and the band toured playing songs from the EP. In all the EPs, you can find songs that depicts about love and life.

Now, the band is busy with touring within Ireland till July. The band will be heading to China in September and probably Vietnam to release their album and another EP in between. Previously, during their songwriting sessions for their EP, they managed to churn out about 80 songs. Hence, they are able to produce an album and EP at such a short time. I mean, if they were able to get things done as fast as lighting for their first EP, what more can’t they do?

Mark assured us that he will try to bring the band to Singapore as they were planning to tour Cambodia and Taiwan too. Mark revealed that he loves performing in Asia because the atmosphere is different as people take time to watch the performances and you can feel their enthusiasm.

I really hope Hogan will be able to perform in Singapore. After listening to the acoustic version of the songs from the EP, I would love to see the live performance with the band. I got the chance to listen to the EP and I understand why Mark has to explained to those who got his CD during Music Matters that they sound different. After listening to both versions, I cannot decide which version I like, I guess it will have to depend on my mood.

If you would like to know more about Hogan, you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram, @hoganband and like the band’s Facebook Page:

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Mark for agreeing to this interview at such a short notice. We hope you will come back soon and we are looking forward to your new album. 

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