[SPOTLIGHT] Interview with CREAM – We’ve just got CREAM’d! #CREAMTEAM

One donned a Mohawk while the other showed off her 50-50 black and blonde hairdo, nicely tied up into two buns.

Gold accessories, high-cut shoes and a pair of black shades completed his look as the rapper in the team while the vocalist chose to show both her feminine and hip-hop side by wearing a cute white bralet paired with sweatpants and high-cut shoes.

Their unique hairdo and fashion sense was enough to capture my attention but they have more than just that to offer.  They provide a fresh breath to Japan’s music scene.

Combining their creative juices and experimenting on wide genres of pop, R&B, EDM & hip-hop as a team, they create a sound that is widely known as “New J-pop”. The mix of creativity and teamwork explains the duo’s name – CREAM, a fusion of Creative and Team.

Consisting of vocalist Minami Minami and rapper Staxx T, they began to formally introduce their music to the mass via their Youtube channel “CREAMVISION JP” where they upload a wide variety of covers in Japanese as well as self-composed works. To date, the channel has gathered over 75,000 subscribers and recorded a total of 25 million views.

They can go from Taylor Swift to Nicki Minaj to LMFAO and they not only cover Japanese songs but also English and Korean songs in Japanese. Their simple yet artistic videos make their videos easy and enjoyable to watch.

The Fifth Parlour managed to interview the duo while they were in town last week and here’s what happened.

TFP: First of all, welcome to Singapore and we hope CREAM have been enjoying the time in Singapore so far. What is your impression of Singapore and have you tasted any local cuisines yet?

Minami: I am! We’re really excited to be here in Singapore and it has been great! Last night, we ate chicken rice and it was really nice. We wanted to taste the chilli crab at Jumbo Seafood across the road but sadly, it wasn’t open yet. We really wanted to try that.

TFP: That’s a pity but we hope you’ll be able to eat it after the show tonight or before your flight back! CREAM’s style of music is widely referred to as the “new J-pop” genre, heavily influenced by hip-hop, pop, rock and electronic dance music. How and from where does CREAM largely get inspirations from?

Minami: We get inspired by almost everything around us. It can come from simple things we observe from our daily life. Also, we listen to a lot of different genres and songs from various countries. All of this contributes to the color of CREAM.

TFP: Individually and as a group, Minami and Staxx T have worked with a number of well-known stars. Given an opportunity, who would CREAM like to collaborate or work with next and why?

Minami: That’s a difficult question. I would really love to work with Dr. Luke if given an opportunity. He’s a famous American producer and has work with top acts like Katy Perry and Jessie J.

Staxx T: Big Bang’s G-Dragon. I find it amazing how he is able to not only be the top act in Asia both individually and as a group but also, reach out and connect to the America market. I would really like to collaborate with him one day.

TFP: That’s an interesting choice! What are CREAM’s dreams and goal as musicians?

Minami: We want to be artists that can represent Japan. To be able to make good music that can reach out and inspire people from all walks of life is something that we hope to achieve.

TFP: Describe CREAM in two sentences! (One each)

Staxx T really spent a lot of time thinking about it before he shyly shares his answer!(●´∀`●)

Minami: This is really hard! How should I phrase this? (laughs) I think our main goal is to create a movement in Japan. We want to be an act that can represent Japan. We know that there are already acts that are representing Japan. To us, Japan’s music scene has been filled with a lot of similar styles of music for the past decades but CREAM is different. We offer something new.

Staxx T: (shy laugh) Cream is the coolest group in Japan, number 1 in Asia

Minami & Staxx T: (laughs)

TFP: Staxx T mentioned that he wished that CREAM would go on a worldwide tour after the release of your second album, #nofilter. Has there been any progress on that?

Minami: Actually, yes! CREAM TOUR 2013 “The #nofilter SHOW” will kick off this  July in Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka. In fact, ticket sales have been really great and overwhelming that we added another day for the concert.

It was really fun conducting the interview with the duo. We tried to exchange a few words with Staxx T in Osaka’s dialect – “Kansai-ben” but it was home run when he started off saying the simplest word “Nandeyanen“ which means how come (it is so). Minami laughed as she expected us to say the word too.

We can’t wait for CREAM’s next visit and we hope their next visit would be for a full scale showcase. We certainly got CREAM’d into CREAMTEAM after their stellar performance on Music Matters! Meanwhile, if you happen to be in Japan this July, you can catch them on their #nofilter tour!

「CREAM TOUR 2014 ”THE #nofilter SHOW”」

*5th July Tokyo WWW

*6th July Osaka 梅田シャングリラ

*11th July Fukuoka DRUM Be-1

*26th July Tokyo 代官山UNIT

More details: http://creamofficial.net/posts/view/49672?aid=304

If you would like to know more about CREAM, like them on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/creamofficial and follow both Staxx T and Minami on Instragram and Twitter, @staxxt_cream @minami_cream.

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Ruiling from AMUSE INC for helping us to coordinate this interview. Thank you to Minami and Staxx T for the interview. 

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