Don’t miss Japan Night 2014 at Music Matters tonight!

It’s the week of Music Matters and this year, Japan Night 2014 @ Music Matters will take place tonight, May 22 (Thursday) at Fountain Stage@Clarke Quay!

To grace the annual event, rising duo musicians CREAM, versatile and talented soloist Naoto Inti Raymi and the quartet rock band The Oral Cigarettes is in Singapore and here’s the highlights of the press conference!

Naoto Inti Raymi was very entertaining and engaging as he tried his best conversing in english, with a tinge of singlish as he adds on a “lah” after his sentences. He shared that he loves to travel around the world and to date, he has been to more than 40 countries. When asked about his impression of Singapore, he mentioned that he is very interested in the various culture, races and religions in Singapore and he finds Singapore a very peaceful place, with kind and friendly people. His motto in life is to share and he expressed his wish to share and create good vibes through his performance later! He sent laughs when he said that he has no fans in Singapore at the moment but he hopes that he’ll have after the show tonight!

Oral Cigarettes were the shy out of the three acts! Being the only rock band to perform tonight, they hope that they’ll be able to deliver and show fans the music of J-rock and that they’ll do their best. They were surprised at how modern Singapore is and mentioned that they we’re amazed at how big the Merlion statue was. They mentioned that language barrier would not be an issue as they believe their body language and eyes will be able to convey the message of their music. They look forward to a fun night and will do their best during the performance.

CREAM shared that they’ll be singing songs from their recent album #nofilter and hope that fans will be jumping around excitedly during their performance and promise a good time with the audience. Staxx T shared that he really love spicy food and looks forward to try local delights. As a smoker, he shared that it was difficult to find smoking area but at the same time, he understands that that’s the reason for the beauty of Singapore.

The three acts will be performing later tonight at Fountain Stage@Clarke Quay and be sure not to miss them!


Event details

Date: 22 May 2014, Thursday

Time: 8.20 pm

Venue: Fountain Stage at Clarke Quay

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