Music Matters Live is just 24 hours away. Local and international bands will be performing during the music festival. Today, we would like to introduce to you a local band, wyd: syd.

First question that comes to your mind is how should you pronounce the band’s name. Wyd derives from the word; wide, which represents the wide range of sounds that the band plays. Therefore, wyd:syd is pronounced as wide side. The alternative rock band incorporates a variety of styles in their music, which is based on their own individual musical tastes thus listeners will be able to hear something different from the norm the genre plays.

Started in 2012, the band has since released an EP, Oval East, which can be downloaded online for FREE. As a new band, they wanted to reach as many audience as possible therefore by making the EP available for free, they hope that it can gain the attention of music lovers. Who doesn’t like free gifts right?!

Currently, the band is busy doing the finishing touches of the recordings to their new EP. For the past few months, they have been writing songs for the EP. Last month, they released their single, Yesterlove, from their upcoming EP. If you would like to know how their upcoming EP sounds like, check out Yesterlove.

According to the band, the new EP  is a deeper exploration of sound textures from all the instruments including vocals. Overall, they felt that it is a much more comprehensive representation of the band and they cannot wait to share it with the fans. Fans can expect the new EP to be out in the coming months and this time, they can expect physical copies.

Other than being busy with their upcoming EP, they band is also preparing for their performances for Music Matters Live. Even though they are feeling nervous, they promise to give their best. Expect energetic and intense performances from the band. The band also shared that Ridhwan will be doing some tap dancing. If you are excited about their upcoming EP, you should catch them at Music Matters Live because they will be debuting a new song from the EP. You will be one of the first few to hear the song! I am sure you do not want to miss it!

For more information on the band, please do like their Facebook Page!

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