Pulut Sushi

Entrepreneur has their own way in marketing their creativity to withstand their standard apart from others. Food business is huge as what lies within it depends on the target audience. It will prolong as long as consumer would want it to stay.

Pulut kuning (yellow glutinous rice) is a traditional malay delicacy which is served during ceremonial events or special occasions and is part of the essential in the Malay culture. It’s made from glutinous rice soaked in water with a little turmeric as a coloring agent. Usually, it is eaten with beef, mutton or chicken rendang . Some preferred to eat it with other Malay delicacy such as Serunding, a spice grated coconut that could be mix with meat floss- Dry version of grated meat.

Have you heard of Pulut Sushi (combination of sushi and pulut)?

I had my first taste of Pulut Sushi last week! I really love how two of my favourites are being combined into one. Aside from the excellent presentation, it tasted great.  It still feels like you are eating sushi because the seaweed is present. Not forgetting the toppings, rendang and serunding
,which is usually accompanied with Pulut .  And that’s it.. unique and tasty combination of Pulut Sushi.Thumbs Up!

If you have any great food recommendations, do leave it in the comments. I would love to try it!

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