YouTube’s Hot Mamas

To all the Mothers in the World today, Happy Mother’s Day.

Continuing from our series of Mother’s Day Special, today we’re bringing you some of the most beautiful and talented YouTubers who have moved on to another stage of their life and have become mothers.

First up, we have Deb Fung.

Deb Fung – it’s hard to believe she’s a mother of three with that slim figure of hers!

Deb runs Soulheartist, has her own music career and on top of all that, Deb is also the mother of three kids. Deb took a 3 year break from the music scene to focus on nurturing her kids and running her business. She made her long-awaited comeback recently and even stopped by Singapore for her comeback performance.

Photo credits: Deb’s Google +. Deb’s three lovely children at the playground.

Deb’s an entrepreneur, performer, recording artist, social activist and a mother rolled into one – pretty amazing isn’t she?

Next up, we have Jayesslee.

Jayesslee – the angelic voices of YouTube

Many of you may already be familiar with the twin sisters of YouTube, Janice and Sonia. The duo with the angelic voices are no strangers to Singapore and have been to our shores a couple of times to perform to sold out shows.

Photo credits: Janice’s instagram. The little family of three’s first photo together.

Photo credits: Sonia’s instagram. Sonia and her little boy, Jayden.

Throwback to year 2012, the younger of the two, Sonia settled down and elder sister Janice followed soon after. This year, both sisters have given birth to beautiful babies and started little families of their own. Oh, how the time flies! :’)

Last but not least, Bubzbeauty.

Bubzbeauty – one of YouTube’s beauty gurus

Known by her subscribers and husband as “Bubz”, Linda Tsang is known for her makeup tutorials and is recognized by many as a beauty guru on YouTube. Bubz was married last year and this year she’s expecting a baby. Okay, so technically Bubz’s not a mother yet… but she definitely seems excited to be one!

Bubz uploads pregnancy vlogs on her YouTube channel frequently to share with her subscribers on her experiences with pregnancy, and also to provide updates with the little kid growing in her whom she affectionately refers to as “peanut”.

Check out Bubz’s latest pregnancy vlog here:

Although I am no mother myself (and it will be long till I’m actually one), I would imagine stepping into motherhood to be an entirely new and foreign experience. Being a mother comes with a whole lot of responsibility and the primary focus of their lives will be shifted to their child. Many will find themselves having little to no time to pursue their dreams, and some will even have their dreams put on hold. The sacrifices a mother has to make are often left unsaid, and I believe one day is simply not enough to thank our mothers for their unconditional love and untiring care.

To all mothers in the World, you are great and beautiful.

That is all for our Mother’s Day – YouTube’s Hot Mamas Special. Please take note that this list is not exhaustive and if there are any more YouTube mums that we’ve left out, do let us know and share with us in the comments section below! Once again, The Fifth Parlour would like to wish all mothers around the World a very Happy Mother’s Day. 🙂

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