Pancakes represents the common brunch food for many in Singapore.

In May last year, CREPE2U opened their first concept kiosk in Singapore in the heart of Bugis Street where cheap thrills can be found and famous amongst tourist and locals.

A crepe is a type of very think pancake, usually made from what flour. The word is of French origin, deriving from the Latin crispa, meaning “curled.” With over 30 flavours for you to choose from, CREPE2U is no doubt the master of crispy crepes!

The main type of crepes offered are Sweet Crispy Crepe, Salty Crispy Crepe and Japanese Soft Crepe.

Tuna Salty Crepe

The prices for the crepes are standardized and affordable, ranging from $2.90 to $6.90. As they offered an overwhelming array of flavor choices which ranges  from chicken, tuna, cheese to fruits, it took me some time to make my order.

Chocolate Mango Sweet Crispy Crepe

Interestingly, I was drawn to the preparation process of the crepes.

My virgin crepe was their Sweet Crispy crepe and after the first bite, I was literally in love with it! It didn’t take long before I visited them again and again to try out the other flavours.

I was impressed by how fresh the taste of the fruits and ingredients inside the huge folded crepes were.

The classic flavour of ‘ Apam Balik ‘ in CREPE2U.

In actual fact, crepe is similar to ‘Apam Balik’ (TurnOver Pancake) – a pancake originating from Malaysia and a delicacy which I’ve been a loyal fan of since young.

The difference between Apam Balik and Crepes is that for the latter, it is thicker in texture with butter, sugar,peanut and corns fillings.

P.S Recently, Apam Balik has their own crispy version and offer different types of fillings too 😉


4 New Bugis St

Singapore 188868

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