Meet New & Emerging Band, Doves & Ravens

The opening act during Jeremy Passion’s gig last month caught our attention. Thus, The Fifth Parlour did some research to get to know more about the band.

Formed in the late 2013, Doves & Ravens was formed by Kenneth Qua and Edwin Wong who have a passion for music. Started off as an acoustic band, they felt that they wanted to be edgier and play pop and rock music. Hence, they needed someone who possessed strong grooves on drum and bass, good with keyboard and electric guitars. As a result, Rohan Lal, Moses Jadon Wong and Benjamin Chia were recruited to be part of the band.

The band name is interesting as both nouns has conflicting meanings. Doves represents peace and hope while on the other hand, ravens represents darkness, death and evil. I think I can see why they decided to name the band Doves & Ravens. Even though they are a rock band, they do play other genres and infuse some soul or folk into it.

Currently, the boys are working hard on their debut EP. They have been dropping some sneak peeks of the EP and personally, I think it is sounding great. Check out one of their originals, Heartbreaker.

Fans can expect to hear five high-energy, head bopping music and soulful tracks that are based on Kenneth’s musings on love and romance.

Credits: Daniel Yeow

Other than being caught up with their EP, the boys are also working with Daniel Sasson as part of Noise Singapore’s The Music Mentorship 2014 mentees. This allows the boys to learn more about the music industry and how they are able to improve themselves so that they can attract the right audiences and stand out in the crowd.

The band’s goal is to play with their heart and soul in the hope that people will enjoy their performance and had a great time. As a new band, I see the potential in this band and I wish them all the best. For more information on Doves & Ravens, like their Facebook Page, follow them on SoundCloud and subscribe to them on YouTube.

PS: If you are a fan of the band and would like to stalk them, try checking them out after their rehearsals at Lavender eating  Jian Dao (Scissors Cut Curry Rice). 😉

Thank you Edwin, Ben, Kenneth, Moses and Rohan of Doves & Ravens for the interview. 

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