Plus Size Series: Divine Cottage

Everyone wants to look great and beautiful no matter what size they are in. Even those who are plus size wants to look beautiful too. There are a lot of online plus shop. Before we feature some of the websites, we would like to feature some physical shops located in Singapore.

This week, we will be featuring Divine Cottage.

Credits: Divine Cottage

Located at Far East Plaza, Divine Cottage started online. After getting encouraging response from the customers, Christie, the owner of Divine Cottage decided to open a shop so that customers can try the outfit. She shared that different outfit has different cuttings therefore, it is hard to gauge.

People have the misconception that horizontal lines tend to make you look bigger and plus size ladies tend to avoid this design when they see one. Another misconception is that if you want to look slimmer, you should wear black. Let me address some of the misconceptions.

Price : $59.00 Stripes Print Sleeveless Skater Dress with belt Credits: Divine Cottage

Christie explained that this horizontal design does not make one look bigger as the gap of the horizontal lines are apart from each other. Ladies should avoid avoid those lines which are closer to one another as it will make you look bigger.

If you are not comfortable wearing sleeveless, pair it up with a cardigan or blazer.

Price : $59.00 Rose Prints Sleeveless Skater Dress with Organza Layer Credits: Divine Cottage

Black does make you slimmer but spice up your outfit with some colours such as prints. Some ladies tend to avoid prints as they are afraid that the prints will bring attention to unwanted places. To avoid unwanted attention, one should avoid huge print as it will not compliment your body.

So what are the hot selling items in Divine Cottage?

Price : $59.00 Tribal Prints Sleeveless Skater Dress Credits: Divine Cottage

Tribal prints or Aztec is quite popular amongst her customers. They come in different colours too.

Price : $49.00 Tribal Prints Spaghetti Skater Dress Credits: Divine Cottage

Just so you know, white does not make you look bigger. You need to be smart in layering or choosing the right colours that compliments your body. A note of advice, wearing a bigger or baggy clothes does not make you look slimmer but in fact, it will make you look bigger even though the big clothes is hiding all the excess skins.

Other than dresses featured above, Divine Cottage sells tops, cardigans, belts and many more. To view their collection, you can like them on their Facebook Page.

Divine Cottage

14 Scotts Road

Far East Plaza


Singapore 228213

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