Thinking of You Fan Meeting

Last Saturday, Singapore welcomed three mega Korean stars, ig Bang’s  Gdragon, Taeyang, and Seungri. They were here for a fan meeting, Thinking of You. This exclusive event is a must watch for the VIPs as they will get to see each of them doing their own thing aside from performing in groups.

Credits: LaunchGroup

Compared to the shows I have attended or experience, I felt that Gdragon and Taeyang did not give their 100%. At times, Taeyang looked moody too. Jetlag might be the cause of this. However, Seungri managed to wow me and the crowd. He surprised the VIPs when the did a medley of his songs. It was just great to listen how he managed to merge the songs. Great job Seungri!



Despite the jetlag, their performances still made the VIPs screaming for more. Other than performances, the fan meeting had an interaction segment with the VIPs. Three lucky VIPs were chosen to be part of a dressing game. It was really cute to see the fans and their idol dressing up. Unfortunately, that is the only activities being planned for the fanmeeting. The fan meeting was short and sweet but i’m sure the VIPs had the time of their life.

So do you think they are suitable for a solo career?

Personally, I think they are better together off as a group as this fan meeting proves that if they are performing individually, it lacks the wow factor.

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