Kembara Kasih Documentary

A new documentary, Kembara Kasih, on MediaCorp Suria will get your eyes teary. 

Hosted by Dalina Jaapar, this programme inform viewers about the way of life of the featured country and the people. In each episode, Dalina will be accompanied by a volunteer based in Singapore who is experienced in volunteering unlike Dalina, who is doing volunteering for the first time. 

Other than getting to know more about the featured country and their cultures, viewers will also get to experience real emotions felt by the host and the volunteer. Viewers will get to see how people in the country are trying to make ends meet and how happiness is being attained easily by these people.

On the first episode, Dalina visited one of the most difficult slums in the world, Ulingan. Children were running around barefooted with nails lying around on the ground. Most of the children there do not go to school, instead, they are working in a charcoal factory to earn a living. Dalina took the opportunity to teach the kids on basic hygiene. This is really important because these kids are unaware about how they should be taking care of themselves. Dalina even said that when she helped to clean the kids, some were puzzled about how these stains can be removed from their body. To them, the dirt is a norm.

On every episodes, viewers are able to learn and understand about the way of life of cultures that is being featured on the show. Great job Suria on the production of such educational and informative show. Just a caution to everyone, standby tissues because this show will touch your heart. I cried during the first episode.

Catch Kembara Kasih on MediaCorp Suria on Tuesdays at 8.30pm.

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