N-Flying to open for FTISLAND 6th Anniversary concert

N-Flying, a new band from South Korea, is making their first debut in Korea. Comprising of 4 members, bassist Kwon, Kwangjin, vocalist and guitarist Lee Sunghyub, drummer Kim Jaehyun and guitarist Cha Hun, this rap rock band will be opening for FTISLAND 6th Anniversary concert happening on March 8.

Their 1st single ‘BASKET’ reached number 2 in Oricon Indies chart right after the released.

Earlier this year, the band released their second Indies singles album titled One and Only and it hit the number one spot on Tower Records chart the next day of release. This band is for sure one of the bands to look out for based on their success thus far.

Catch N-Flying as the opening act for FTISLAND this coming March 8. Get your tickets now!

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