Hi Touch Session with FTISLAND

Primadonnas, are you there?

We are just a week away from breathing the same air as FTISLAND. If you are excited about seeing your idols upclose, this piece of news might make you even happier. Have you been dreaming of getting upclose with your idols and getting to touch them?

I can already hear your screams. How about a Hi-Touch session with FTISLAND?

A Hi-Touch session with the handsome boys of FT ISLAND will be held at Square 2 on 7 March at 5pm. To qualify for the Hi-Touch session, simply purchase your tickets before 3rd March. You may just be 1 of the 200 lucky winners to get the chance to attend an exclusive Hi-Touch session with FTISLAND! All cat 1 & 2 ticket holders will get 2 lucky draw chances to join this Hi-Touch Session.

So if you are still hesitating on getting the tickets, this might change your mind! So get your tickets now. For more information on the ticketing details and FTISLAND live in Singapore, you can head over to our post!

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