Album Review – The Wanted’s Word Of Mouth

The Wanted’s third album, Word Of Mouth, has finally been put out after they kept fans waiting for 2 years for the new album. The band had pushed back the original release date from September to November 4 during to a delay in production and writing of the album. Word of Mouth consist of 5 pre-releases including ‘Show Me Love’, ‘I Found You’ and ‘We Own The Night’.

Album Tracklist:

1. We Own The Night

2. In The Middle

3. Running Out Of Reasons

4. I Found You

5. Show Me Love

6. Walks Like Rihanna

7. Summer Alive

8. Love Sewn

9. Glow In The Dark

10. Demons

11. Could This Be Love

12. Everybody Knows

13. Heartbreak Story

14. Chasing The Sun

* Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks

15. If We’re Alright

16. Only You

17. Drunk On Love

18. Read My Mind

19. Satellite

My favourite tracks from the album would definitely be Love Sewn and Everybody Knows. The lyrics from both songs seem very personal and meaningful and there is something really catchy about it that makes you want to keep on replaying the song after you have first listened to it.

Their latest album is way more matured as compared to their debut album, the songs are more personal and the lyrics are some of the experiences that they have gone through in life such as relationships. I would recommend this album to anyone who is looking for something pop and refreshing to listen to! I’ll rate the album a 8/10 and this is definitely worth a listen.

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