The FAIRCHILD effect

After listening to them live last May 2013 for Music Matters, one can’t help but want more.

FAIRCHILD’s addictive and hypnotic sounds were heard once again during the first Friday of 2014 (3rd January) at Home Club. The band got the crowd dancing (or doing weird head bobbing) to their songs. Even after traveling from Hong Kong and China for New Year’s, FAIRCHILD still brought their A-game. From the get go, they played some of their catchier tunes such as Burning Feet, Arcadia, and Stay Young.

When they started their latest single, Dancer, the atmosphere was cathartic. But only to be outdone by the closing song, Tear Us Down.

I was actually hoping they would play Outside as that is my personal favourite. But I can’t complain!

Tim rockin’ the guitar and looking all SRS BZNIZ.

Just a refresher course on the band, they consist of six guys from Gold Coast, Australia and they play highly addictive indie tunes. To know a bit more about them, you can read our first coverage on them.

Apart from FAIRCHILD, the Lyon brothers, Adam and Nathan, has another project named Lyon Apprentice. Just over two months ago, they released their music video for the single, I Will Find You.

On Saturday 4th of January 2014, they had their first show in Singapore at Lowercase (at Laselle School of Arts). Unfortunately none of our writers could stay for the whole show. But judging from the soundcheck and the tweets from attendees of the show, the brothers did an amazing job.

I truly cannot put into words just how talented FAIRCHILD is and they deserve more plays on the airwaves. Not only do they produce brilliant music, there are funny, friendly, and down-to-earth guys behind all those instruments.

Now here is the part where you guys can get involved with their music. The band is currently getting monetary pledges to aid the production of their next EP on PledgeMusic. Different amount of pledges, would entitle you to different types of privileges along with a copy of their next EP. Heck, with the right amount of money you may even get a vocal lesson with Uncle Adam. So what are you waiting for?

We at The Fifth Parlour wishes FAIRCHILD the very best of luck and we simply cannot wait for you guys to be back on our sunny shores. xoxo

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