Lee Minho “My Everything” Album Review

22nd May 2013.

It has been 6 months since Korean superstar actor and singer, Lee Minho released his first mini album titled “My Everything”. Not long ago, the man himself was in town and it strikes me that I have yet to do a review on it. So, here is my take on the album!

The album consists of 6 tracks namely, Without You , Love Motion,  My Little Princess , 너와 나 그리고 우리(You & I), 조각(Pieces Of Love) &  My Everything which was re-recorded specially for his mini album. I like how the album covers a variety of genres – Ballad, British Rock, Jazz, Electronic and Modern Rock. I felt a tinge of Asian Pop music flavour when I listened to “Love Motion”. It sounded similar to the classic upbeat Thai pop songs and I really enjoyed myself listening to it. A mood-lifter one can say.

When the album was first released back in May, I have to admit that it did not catch my attention and it left me a tad disappointed. As a fan of the man himself for several years, I decided to put in more effort in understanding and appreciating his works. After repetitive times listening to the album playlist, it eventually grew on me.

For most music lovers, we tend to remember a song with a storyline that is relatable to us. It leaves a deeper mark in our memory and often enough, causes us to hit the replay button as we reminisce with it. I would say “Without You” and “Pieces of Love” stands out to be a potential OST for melodramas and one where I can easily click the “replay” mode on.

I applaud Minho’s courage and sincerity in gifting fans with a mini-album. However,  I have to admit that he is definitely a better actor than a singer and his top notch acting skills is definitely the limelight to his success in the industry as compared to his mediocre singing.

Lee Minho’s “My Everything  World Tour” Finale Encore stage will be in January 2014 and he once again, proves his popularity with 5000 tickets getting sold out within two minutes.

In conclusion, I give a 3 out of 5 for his first mini-album. I’m still waiting and hoping to see him perform live one day in Singapore.

I shall leave you with a video of the live performance of the title track “My Everything”. Enjoy! 🙂

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