XMAS SPECIAL – must have Christmas Styles

Snow doesn’t fall in Singapore but that doesn’t mean we have to stay away from winter fashion! Besides, this December has been seeing lots of rain showers and it’s been pretty cold lately so it’s best that we all stay warm and not get bitten by the flu bug! What could be worse than being sick and missing out on the Christmas parties and get-togethers this festive season?

Author’s note: I consider myself a lazy dresser and I search for easy ways to make my outfits look good and stand out. What I strive for are simple pieces that are easy to match, wearable and most importantly, comfortable. There are many clothes that are fashionable out there, but I only wear those that suit my personality and body shape and will never force fit myself into an outfit that is trendy but looks unflattering on me. That being said, I’m really no fashionista but I would love to share my favorite clothes with you. I believe that even as a lazy dresser, I can still be able to dress well! Are there any other lazy dressers out there who share the same beliefs as me? 🙂

Here are a few Christmas Styles that you can consider this festive season!

1. Cable-Knit Beret

Cable-Knit grey Beret

(source: 59 Seconds)

For everyone who wishes that it snows, I’m with you. I love winter fashion and I love my knitted clothes but truthfully, these are not very practical for a country where it is usually warm and humid. Hence, wearing knitted shirts are out of the option. A great way to incorporate knit-wear into your outfit this season would be to wear beanies or berets. The cable-knit adds texture and detail to a simple beret and it looks so pretty! The fluffy ball at the top adds a cute touch and the beret will be sure to make you stand out from the crowd.

2. Circle Scarfs

Pine Green circle scarf

(source: People Webs)

A scarf can be worn as an accessory or as a means of keeping snug and warm. Scarfs are perfect for Singapore’s unpredictable weather as it can be freezing cold one minute and blazing hot the next. The circle scarf (also known by many as the infinity scarf) can be easily worn by wrapping around the neck several times. It is an effortless way to look good and what I love about the circle scarf is that it is just so comfy!

3. Emerald Green Skater Dress

Emerald Green Skater Dress

(source: ASOS petite)

Skater dresses and skirts have been very popular this year round, so why not end the year with one too? It is a very versatile and flattering piece for all body shapes and also very trendy. Personally, I love wearing dresses because I don’t have to worry if my top matches the bottom. I can just throw on a dress and be ready to go out! For Christmas parties and the like, a simple skater dress will do the trick. To glam up your outfit, you can consider wearing accessories such as chunky necklaces. Emerald is also considered the power color of the year 2013 and there are ample enough reasons for that:

Canada’s own Pink Tartan proved why emerald’s been a power colour of 2013 (and it’s arguably also holiday-appropriate). And the runway hasn’t been alone: Singer Solange Knowles showed off the tone at the Grammys, while Anna Chlumsky interpreted it a different way.” -Huffington Post Canada

4. Jewel toned Cardigans

Cable-Knit Oxblood Cardigan

(source: The Tinsel Rack)

My favourite colors this season would be the jewel tones. Colors like oxblood, emerald, navy, and fuchsia are so gorgeous and luxurious and just so feminine without being over-the-top. This is especially so for oxblood and emerald, shades of red and green which makes them appropriate for Christmas! Jewel toned cardigans are a good way to add a pop of color into your outfit and they can be easily worn with causal tee-shirts or a semi-formal dresses. I love cardigans as they are light-weight and easy to wear! This makes it great for keeping warm since the weather can get quite cold this December!

So that is all for my XMAS Special- must have Christmas Styles! Dear readers, do leave your comments below if there are any Christmas Styles that you would like to share and do let me know if you like the styles shared above! I hope all of you will have a great Christmas and have a fuss-free dressing up for those parties! 🙂

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