Megan Nicole Live in Singapore

The show started off with Sam Driscoll singing three songs. If you find Sam familiar, you must have seen his videos on YouTube or watched him performed last year at the  YouTube Stars Concert.

Sam is one of the Singapore YouTubers who have been uploading covers and orginal songs on his YouTube channel. His last song, Comeback Home. was a self composed song about missing someone overseas. Aww, wonder who is that lucky someone!

After getting the audience ready for the gig, the fans cannot wait for their idols to appear. Megan started the show with The Wanted hit song, Glad You Came. I believed she is trying to tell her fans that she is glad they came to support her. Bet her fans feel the same way too. Finally, they got to see her uplcose and watched her live.

Dressed in a Princessy balloon skirt, she looks stunningly sweet! She has the girl next door looks, sweet and demure. She sang a mix of original and cover songs. I have been watching her on YouTube for quite some time, and it sure feels different to watch her on stage.

Megan then started to get fans on stage. The lucky fans that were picked was to be her back up dancers while she is singing to This Love by Maroon 5. Megan has good control of the stage. She really knows how to work the stage with her energetic performance and great vocals. It was a great end to my hectic Friday watching Megan on stage. Sitting in a bar with a glass of drink and listenting to great music is what I needed.

However, I felt that there is a lack of interaction with the audience at some part of her performance. I’m not sure what is lacking in the interaction, maybe she is shy. The fans seems to be enjoying her original songs which are yet to be released. I think her new song have the potential to be a hit. Overall, I felt that the 75 minutes of non stop performances did showcase her powerful voices. It would be great if she is able to work on the interaction part so that she is able to connect with the audiences.

Thank you Sprout Entertainment for giving us a chance to catch Megan Nicole Live in Singapore!

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