Shane Filan Press Conference

I’m sure many of you have heard of Westlife, and most of you even grew up listening to their songs. I know I did! It came as a disappointment to us fans when the massive Irish boy-band disbanded in June last year. Therefore, it is much anticipated when one of the lead singers, Shane Filan, is back in the music scene.

Shane Filan looking good at the press conference!

It’s a new start for ex-Westlifer Shane Filan.

Shane recently made his solo debut with his album, You & Me. As part of his promotional tour for his debut album, the charming lad got down to Singapore for a showcase at Zouk on November 10. About the exclusive showcase at Zouk, Shane said he was wowed by the number of fans that turned up (about 800 fans were present!). He was glad the audience was happy and sang along to his songs. According to him “That’s a good sign.”

With the success of the ‘You & Me’ showcase, one question aroused was when the singer would hold a full-blown concert in Singapore. Shane said “Maybe not soon. But I definitely would like to do a concert here in Singapore.” He added that fans can expect him to be back in Singapore for a proper promotional tour in the summer of 2014 after he is done with his promotions in the UK. Yay! We can’t wait for a ‘You & Me’ concert.

Shane talking about his recent You & Me album

“I loved being in Westlife. Westlife is an amazing band,” Shane said when asked why he did not pursue a solo career sooner. He cited being really good friends with the rest of the band members as the main reason why they stayed together for so long. When the band decided to spilt up, Shane said he had to make a decision about his future. And for him, singing is the only thing he wanted to do.

An interesting question posed was: If Westlife debuted in the same time as One Direction, how do you think you would fare? Shane laughed and replied that they would have done very well too. “I don’t know how well we would have done, but I’m sure we would be up there with them too.” He said it’s a different time and social media has been helpful in getting more recognition but he said the One Direction boys are very hardworking as well, which reminds him of Westlife back in the days. He added “Pop music is very much alive, probably more than its ever been. And no matter what year it is, what decade it is, there’s always room for a boy band.”

Shane tried his hands on song-writing for his album. He said “Writing songs is a very new thing for me. I didn’t know if I could do it at the start of the album.” He added that he was asked to do it by his record label, but he was up for the challenge even though he was nervous about it.

If you have heard Shane’s new album, most of the songs are very up-lifting. With all that has taken place in Shane’s life such as his bankruptcy last year, it came as a surprise that most of his songs were so inspirational. Shane felt that the experience from his challenges in life has allowed him to focus more on the positive aspects. He noted that most of the songs in his album were about his wife, memories of their relationship and his kids. Basically: just being happy and healthy.

“That’s kinda the whole attitude of the album. And y’know when you’re in a more difficult time, I had to write about my happy times because that brought me to my happy place. So the album was probably a form of therapy.” Shane added “Everyone in life goes through challenges. You have to focus on the positive things in life to make you happy again.”

Shane smiling for the cameras

“When i’m on stage, I want to lift people’s hearts. I want them to feel happy. Not – OMG, that’s a really sad song. I want people to say – That’s a really beautiful song.” I guess that’s how we all feel about Shane’s songs. They are all very inspirational, easy to relate to, and indeed very beautiful.

Listen to some of Shane’s songs if you haven’t!

Special thanks to Universal Music Singapore for extending the invitation for Shane Filan’s press conference to The Fifth Parlour! 🙂

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