McFly + Busted = McBusted

For the past few weeks, there has been rumours about the formation of a super band called McBusted. Wait, what?!

When you put McFly and Busted together, you will get McBusted. To me, it is perfect just the way I love both bands. It is like a dream come true when you have both your favourite bands joining forces. I grew up listening to both bands and to have them together is a perfect combination.

This reminds me of NKOTBSB. New Kids on the Block joined forces with Backstreet Boys when they were touring and it was a success. I’m sure McBusted will be successful as well.

Can you imagine this?

Busted performing this and then McFly joins in with their hit song, All About You.

I’m getting all excited and have smiles painted on my face listening to both bands’ songs. I just wish they would do a world tour because I know many of you would want to be part of this too! Sadly, for now, they will only be touring London. 😦

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