Fright Club TV

If you have been following Dan and Greg, you will know that they have been busy working on their DJ sets.

However, while working, both of them have been experiencing some strange happenings in their apartment. This has led them to investigate further. Who wouldn’t want to know what is happening in their apartment?!

In order to carry out the investigation, both Dan and Greg along with four of their friends have decided to set up camp in their apartment and see if they can summon any paranormal activity for a period of one week. Sounds exciting and want to be part of it?

Of course, you can. You just need to follow them on Twitter and watch their live stream on YouTube. You will be able to ask questions, suggest tips and techniques to raise the dead by using the hashtag #FrightClub. You will be able to give them suggestions on what they should put on their track, basically, you have the power to tell them what to do. Every day, they will also take part in challenges that the fun suggests.  How cool is that?!

Equipped with cameras all over their apartment, fans will be able to see the six boys around the clock, specifically, 24 hours on YouTube Channel ‘Fright Club TV’, Fans can expect to see how the boys spent their day contacting the dead, sharing ghost stories and inviting a medium round to join them to help them contact the dead. You will never know that a celebrity friend might just pop by to join in the fun!

Dan and Greg have stripped the flat of all worldly belongings and have just enough food to last them 12 hrs. For the rest of the days, they have to crowd source their food, drink, clothes and any entertainment to help them survive.

So what does the fans gain from helping them out?

The boys have a task to plan a massive Halloween party and fans can win tickets to be part of it. Other than Halloween party, Dan and Greg have personally agreed to take as many fans as possible to fit in to a movie theater to watch a marathon of the world’s scariest movies if get they get over 250,000 video views on the ‘Fright Club’ YouTube channel over the week. Aww, ain’t they sweet?

To know Dan and Greg better, you have to watch this stream which will give you insights to the boys’ life. The stream will go LIVE from 9pm (UK Time) on Sunday 27th October, directly after the XFactor finishes on ITV. Share this with all your friends and get them to over 250,000 video views on the ‘Fright Club’!

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