Dashboard Confessional (Solo Acoustic) Live in Singapore

Dashboard Confessional,Chris Carrabba, will be performing in Singapore in December! Their albums are multiple Platinum and Gold-certified, and previously peaked at number one on Rock and Indie charts around the world.

One of my favourites from Dashboard Confessional is Vindicated.

I’m sure most of you, when attending a concert, you will be hoping and praying that the band will perform your favourite songs from one of their albums. However, there are times, some songs are not being sung during a concert.

If you’re attending the solo acoustic gig, you do not have to worry. Chris will be taking requests from the floor. Get your voices heard and you will get to hear him singing your favourite songs!

Tickets will go on sale on October 28 at SISTIC. Grab the tickets before it is sold out. You have around a month plus to practice your shout out so that Chris will sing your favourite songs. Be creative and catch his attention. If you are lucky, he might just be serenading you.


Event Details:

Date: 4 December 2013, Wednesday

Time: 8.30pm

Venue: Shine Auditorium Shaw Tower

Ticket: $48- $108

For more information, follow Sprout Entertainment on Twitter and like their Facebook Page!

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