Meet First XI player, Imran Babjee

“Everyone in my family speaks Dutch except me.” Does this sounds familiar to you? If yes, you must have watched his interview clips on Mediacorp Channel 5.

Imran Babjee, one of the Top 48, is one of the most talked about players this season as girls go gaga over him. It is not a surprise that he gets recognised when he is in the public. At first, he feels awkward being approached by strangers. However, as time goes by, he felt appreciated knowing that there are people supporting him and the team. In order to participate in First XI, Imran quit his job so that he is able to focus on the show.

When Imran is not on the field playing football, you can find him performing at wedding or functions with his band which consists of his family. Imran sings hindi music and plays the darbuka, an Arab instrument. 

If Imran was given a choice to either play music or football, Imran will definitely choose football because it is his passion and no one can take it away from him. He added that football is in his blood. Imran has been playing football since he was 10.

Joining the First XI has taught Imran that discipline is really important. Not only one need to be disciplined during football, it can be applied to life too. Other than being disciplined, respect and teamwork are important.

Imran sees the players of the final game as his biggest competitor. The final squad will be playing against the Football All Stars team of local and EPL legends Robbie Fowler, Steve Harkness, Didi Hamann and Des Walker. He predicted that it will be a tough game since the players are professional and experienced.

So will we get to see Imran on the final squad?

The Fifth Parlour would like to wish Imran all the best and we hope that he will be part of the final squad.

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