Meet First XI Player, Vikneshwaran

Reality Football show, First XI, is coming to an end in a few weeks. Today, we will shine the spotlight on one of the potential players who is running for the Top 17 spot.

Football has been part of Vikneshwaran’s life. He has represented his school and the country. Viknesh is no stranger to the football scene as he played for Tanjong Pagar FC and other clubs.

So what made Viknesh joined the First XI team?

Initially, he was reluctant to join because he feels that reality shows tend to focus more on fame rather than talent. However, with support and encouragement from his friends and close ones, he finally gave in as he felt that this is one in a lifetime chance to be able to travel to Real Madrid and train at the Real Madrid Academy if he managed to be in the Top 17.

Since he joined the show, Viknesh has been sleeping much lesser as he needs to juggle between the show and work. Not only that, now, when he is in the public, he got stopped by strangers asking him if he is the guy in the show. They praised him for scoring the most beautiful goal in the show and gave words of encouragement.

Viknesh sees himself as his own competitor. He will push himself to go beyond his limits and work really hard to achieve his goals. Viknesh added that he does apply what he learnt from football to life. He believes that discipline and hard work is always the core values that football can relate to life.

If you have been watching First XI, you should know that Viknesh won Player of the Week on Episode 3. On top of that, he also got praised by Real Madrid Player, Emilio and his coach,Sasi. They acknowledged that Viknesh has the potential and he will go far.

I have been friends with Viknesh for more than 7 years and I have seen how serious he is in football. It is hard to separate Viknesh from football because it is in his blood. Even though, he has suffered numerous injuries such as hairline crack on his Tibia and Fibula, this does not stop him from playing football. Personally, if I were him, I would have a phobia to play football again. To Viknesh, looking back will only makes him scared and remind him about the injuries. He believes in looking forward and concentrate about the future because one cannot change what is in the past.

With determination and perseverance, I believed that Viknesh will be in the Top 17 squad and will be flying of to Spain. 

The Fifth Parlour would like to wish Viknesh all the best and we hope you will be in the Top 17.

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