Football Reality Series, First XI

The first season of the football reality series of First XI got a lot of attention from the aspiring footballers. Other than having a chance to be coached under Steve McMahon, an ex Liverpool and England international player, and R Sasikumar, an ex Singapore international player, the last standing, 11 players, will have a chance to travel to Real Madrid to train and play at the Real Madrid Foundation.

Credit: Mediacorp

Now, back for Season 2, the organisers have lowered the age to 16 years old giving the young ones an opportunity to develop their talent. Now into the fourth episode, this reality series have shown Singaporeans that they are indeed talented and great football players in Singapore.

The aspiring footballers will have to go through obstacles and challenges in every episodes. Those who do not live up to the coaches’ expectations will get booted out.

The Fifth Parlour will be meeting two of the players, Viknesh and Imran, who will be sharing with us what motivates them to join the First XI and maybe some secrets about the show. If you are a fan of them or want to know more about them, like our Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter for updates on the interview.

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