PappaRich: The familiar taste of home

I would love to know why it’s name as such. But that shall be another topic for another day.

The layout of the cafe/restaurant is similar to the likes of Toast Box and Old Town. But what sets it apart, (for me at least) was the food and service.

We decided to try the seafood horfun, steamed bread with kaya and butter, and prata with vanilla ice cream and banana.

The service was prompt which I truly appreciate. Singaporeans, we’re not exactly known for our patience.

When the food came, we saw that they do not scrimp on the portion. The horfun was generously served with a lot of greens and prawns. The steamed buns were thickly sliced and given with a big dollop of kaya. I was in foodie heaven!

We had Ice blended mango with lychee for drinks. The taste was a-ok. It complimented the piping hot horfun well. But was not exactly anything special.

Overall, I would definitely be visiting this place again. One downside though, I do wish they have more outlets all over the island. Currently Pappa Rich can only be found in Parkway Parade and Star Vista.

I hope you guys are reading this would get a chance to taste Pappa Rich’s local delights! Now I really cannot stop thinking about those steamed buns…mmm hmmm…! 😉

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