Supershiok Sambal

If you are amongst those who are always updated with any trends on social media, you must have heard of the ‘Supershiok Sambal’.

After seeing numerous reviews about the sambal belacan, I got curious and ordered it. I first tried eating the sambal with white rice and fried chicken.

Wow, I couldn’t stand the spiciness. It was really spicy and my tongue started to feel super hot. Not only spicy, there is a tinge of sweetness too. As a sambal belacan lover, I actually love the Supershiok Sambal! It got me craving for more.

I actually tried cooking fried rice with Supershiok Sambal! Thank god, it turned out good. It has the authentic taste of kampung fried rice mixed with belacan. As of now, the Supershiok Sambal Belacan is my favourite ready made paste for fried rice.

Guess what?! Now, I don’t really dip my crackers and with chili sauce but with the sambal belacan. See how this Supershiok Sambal Belacan has changed my eating habit.

I really got to thank Lanchillicrab and Etrangle for sharing such a tasty and addictive sambal belacan.

This is not a paid advertorial. It is just my honest opinion on the sambal. 

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