Single review: “Dancer” by Fairchild

The hypnotising guitar riffs during the start of the song pulls me in and then the haunting voice of lead singer Adam Lyons draws me closer.

“Whenever whatever the day is over, whenever whatever the day is done.”

This is the second single from their EP after “Burning Feet”. While Burning Feet has a more easy-listening vibe to it, Dancer puts across a more melancholic vibe.

It’s lyrics paired with the musical arrangement, Dancer will put you in a trance.

The punchy chorus is sung with such gusto emoting frustration and you just can’t help but feel for the writer and brings the song to a climax.

However, as much as I love the song, the video leaves much to be desired. Before anybody beat me up for it, I prefer my music videos to feature a lot of the singer/artist/band. In the Dancer music video, you barely get to see Fairchild!

There is more airtime for the ballet dancer. She’s beautiful and all that,but there is a certain je nais se quoi feeling about it all and I just would like to see more of the musicians behind this hauntingly beautiful song.

Once you get it in your head, good luck trying to get it out. 😉

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