Mambo With A-Prince Fan Party

A-Prince is back in Singapore after their last showcase four months ago. Held at JCube, “Mambo with A-Prince Fan Party” was a free event that is accessible to the fans.

A-Prince got the fans cheering when they start singing You’re the only one. They also sang My Lady. The music video for My Lady was being shot during their last visit in Singapore.

The boys then introduced themselves to the fans and shared about their dream girl. The five Princes revealed that they like girls who are innocent, cute, sexy, lovely, caring just like their mum and has chubby cheeks. For a perfect date, the boys chose common places that one would go on a date such as watching movie, walking down the street or garden. This got the girls screaming knowing how down to earth these boys are and knowing they at least fit the criteria listed above,

After the short Q & A, the boys continued showcasing their vocal talents. They even sang the hit song from One Direction, What Makes You Beautiful. Five lucky fans were picked by A-Prince to dance Mambo with them. Not only fans got to dance with A-Prince,they even got to hug the members.

Singapore fan base for A-Prince surprised the group with a 3D fondant cake in conjunction with their 300 days of debut. A-Prince is grateful to their loyal fans for being so supportive. They are also thankful and appreciative towards their CEO, staffs management and everyone who made it possible. They promised to work harder to make the fans and people who are supportive of them proud.

They ended the party with Hello and Oh Girl. Fans who bought the VIP tickets were entitled for an autograph session. The fan service given by A-prince is really commendable.

Thank you JNation Entertainment for giving us the chance to get to know A-Prince better.

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