Cold Eyes

Cold Eyes gives you an impression that someone serious or cold hearted is watching every steps you take. This is how I felt when I saw the title.

Cold Eyes is a South Korean film about a group of surveillance team who is on a lookout for a group of criminals. This film is a remake of a Hong Kong Film, Eye in the Sky.

Cold Eyes feature popular Koreans stars such as

Jung Woo-Sung,

Han Hyo-joo

and Jun-ho from 2PM.

They were recently in Singapore for a promotional tour. Just like any action film, the story line is similar. What makes this movie stands out from other action movies is that other than action scenes, there is a mixture of action and humour in the movie. The chemistry between the actor and actress is also noticeable in this film. It is no wonder that this film has been selected for the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival. You will be able to see the beautiful city of Seoul in this film which makes me want to visit this place.

However, I felt that the use of blood in this movie is excessive. Even though, there is a need to show blood at certain scene, I feel that there is exaggeration at certain scene but not to the extend of gory. Just so you know the leader of the criminal is not afraid to slit someone’s throat with his pen if they got into his way. So imagine, the number of blood scenes in this show. 😉

This movie is rated NC-16 and will be out on your local theaters on September 5. Make a date with Shadow, Squirrel played by Jun-ho and the another animals in the organisation soon (You will only get the joke once you watched the film).

Thank you Purple Plan for invite to the Gala Premiere. Head over to Purple Plan’s Facebook Page to see exclusive pictures when the stars were in Singapore!

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