A-Prince Press Conference

(From L to R) Si Yoon, Min Hyuk, Sung Won, Woo Bin, Seung Jun

A-PRINCE (에이프린스) is a Korean pop 5-member boy group that debuted in 2012 under New Planet Entertainment. Some of you may know them as 6-member boy group TAKEN, with former member Tae Hyuk. After member changes, the group decided to re-debut under a new name.

A-PRINCE is back gracing our shores again for the second time this year, so what were their thoughts after their first visit here in our sunny island? They said they brought back lots of good memories, and they love the fan support they got here.

Some lucky fans got to go on a private date with A-PRINCE, and it was a wonderful experience for the guys as they have always wanted a close fan experience, to get to know their fans better. Such sweet guys, aren’t they? The fans showered them with so much love, and they said they felt at ease and comfortable during dinner. Those lucky ones who went on the date, I know it is tough to contain ourselves when we meet our favourite stars, so you should be proud of yourselves for not freaking out!

Doesn’t the background of the MV seems familiar? Yes, the MV for “My Lady” was shot right here in Singapore! Why Singapore? Because they had so much good memories here, they reminisced.

Their teasers for their Mambo MV were one of a kind, isn’t it? When asked how was the experience for them, they said they did not feel shy, it was all for the promotion for their music! They were also impressed by the fans’ dance covers, and were very grateful that A-LANDs love their songs so much. One particular dance cover that was shot in front of the merlion stood out for them, as it brought back memories,

With the abundance of K-POP groups out there, a group has to have that different and unique feature to make themselves stand out! In A-PRINCE, each of them has a different unique charm, like their nicknames, “Cutie Prince”, “Sexy Prince” and so on, which shows and shines on stage when they performed, they said! Also, they love to have fun on stage as they are not constraint to rules, they added.

Donning themselves in costumes looking like princes, they said their costumes are more “royalty” theme to fit their group name A-PRINCE, and costumes make them look uniformed as a group.

Seung Jun’s personality off and on stage has a vast difference, all of them agreed in unison. On stage, he is smiley, bubbly and fun. Off stage, he is more manly and tough.

Well, Singapore is well known to be a food paradise! This is their second time here, so I am sure they have tried some local food! The guys said they would love to know how to cook Chilli Crab, Chicken Rice or Satay. Wow, 5 charming chefs, I am not sure if we will be able to handle it!

Some of their best tour memories were having sold out shows in Osaka, especially seeing fans cry while they perform. It was really touching and heartwarming to them! At the topic of crying, when asked who was the cry baby among all of them, they all pointed at Woo Bin, the baby prince, without hesitation! He was guilty as charged, and said nothing to defend himself.

A-LANDs, be sure to follow them on Twitter and Facebook for updates!

We would like to thank JNation Entertainment for this interview opportunity. Do follow them here for more upcoming concerts!

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