Father’s Day Special: Rock on, dads!

Rock on, dads!

For our Father’s Day special, we would like to do something different; a departure from your normal Father’s Day dedication.

When we look at punk and rock groups, we hardly ever see them for who they are, but for what kind of music they play. What some do not realize, most of them are actually also fathers. Some are fathers to cute little girls who insist on them wearing tutus, some to cute little boys who insist on them to make the sounds of an airplane during playtime.

The very notion of a punk rock dad is an oxymoron. Can someone who earns a paycheck rebelling against authority really turn the tables and become an authority figure himself?

Mark Hoppus from Blink 182 has been at those crossroads for years. In an interview with Men’s Health, Hoppus was asked how has having a kid changed his worldview?


Hoppus and his son, Jack, in the documentary, The Other F Word.

“It makes you cognizant of all your actions, and how they affect the world around you, which I think is a really good thing. After you have a kid, it becomes about doing things to make the world a better place for him.”

Hoppus also believe that as a father, there is a fine line between being his son’s friend as well as being the authoritative figure in the household. So he tries to be his kid’s friend as much as he can, playing videogames with him, and getting all of his jokes. But at the same time, mindful of the fact that sometimes Hoppus have to be the one to steer the ship.

Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, and the most recent judge from American Idol, is the dad of Liv Tyler, a beautiful model and American actress. He is also a dad to three other children, all in all three daughters and one son from three different mothers.

Tyler’s story is a different one. In an interview with Starplus He says, “I surely have regrets about not being there for Liv when she was growing up. Now she’s doing movies all the time, and I still don’t see much of her.”

Despite him not being around much, it is evident in the following picture that Liv very much adores his dad. Tyler, along with Mick Jagger was known back then during their glory days for their association with drugs and alcohol. Whatever it may be back then, we hope they have mended their relationships with their children because there is nothing more special than the bond between father and daughter.

 Our next and last of the three rock dads, is none other than Mr. Gwen Stefani, Gavin Rossdale. Father to two sons, Kingston and Zuma, Gavin shares how has being a father changed him in the quote below from dailymailuk.com’s interview:


“Everything I do and say now I have to stand by. I want my son to see me play and do shows and think: ‘That’s wicked.’”

So how will the dad to Kingston and Zuma celebrate Father’s Day this weekend?

“They’re still at the age where they tell me about the surprises. Like, ‘Don’t go in that room your surprise is in there’ … but I don’t know what to expect [this weekend] and Gwen is always really good at that stuff. She knows how to make any day fun.”

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