Jay Park x X-mini Capsule Speaker

Credit: Xmi Pte Ltd

Jay Park was in town yesterday to launch the Jay Park x X-mini Capsule Speaker. Jay Park collaborates with X-mini Capsule speaker, the leading company in portable sound.

According to Ms Darelle Eng, the Head of Marketing & Communications of Xmi Pte Ltd, the collaboration with Jay Park is perfect because he produce good quality music and is a dedicated artist who is determined to perfecting his craft which resonates with Xmi.

Jay Park is the first international artist to have the specially customised speaker. Jay Park was part of the decision process. Basically, Jay Park will tell Xmi what he wants and they will make it accordingly. For example, he picked the colour of the box. The box has the colours of Seattle, the country he was born in. He added that he wants to give out the vibe that it is simple yet cool just like him.

So why should you buy this limited edition speaker?

Park listed out three reasons.

1) It can help you vibe with other people. With headphones, no one knows what you are  listening to.

2) It can help you to share your music with others.

3) It helps when writing songs. When using headphone, you cannot really get the full feel of the song. For example, you cannot listen to every instrument and you do not know what you sound like when writing the sound.

After the press conference, I had the chance to catch Jay Park in action. He sang four songs during the showcase which is only opened to invited guest.

Park opened the show with 좋아 (JOAH). One of my favourites while doing my research on Park. He then sang Nothing on You, Girlfriend and Body2Body.

Before I end my post, let me remind you to keep a look out for the limited edition of Jay Park x X-mini Capsule Speaker because there are only about 500 speakers available.International fans, please do not worry because Xmi is working on making it available for you.

Jay Park is also in the plan to make a YouTube dance video with the x X-mini Capsule Speaker. So look out for it.

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