Fall Out Boy Live in Singapore 2013

When Fall Out Boy finally ended their hiatus, I burst out crying because I have been waiting for the day for years. And the wait has finally stopped.

fall out boy, save rock and roll tour, 2013, reunion, hiatus, thefifthparlour

I have been a fan of Fall Out Boy since I was 14, and they were the first band I really liked. At that point of time, I listened to them everyday and some of my favourite tunes include Atavan Halen (7 Minutes in Heaven), The Carpal Tunnel of Love, Saturday, Thnks Fr The Mmrs and the popular Sugar We’re Goin’ Down. I was lucky to see them live in Singapore when I was 17, and that was my first ever concert!

The band, since reunion, has launched their album titled Save Rock and Roll. It’s a very different sound, much to a mixed response from their fans, but I personally still enjoy the songs very much! Which are your favourite songs off the new album? My personal favourites include Young Volcanoes, Where did The Party Go, and Death Valley. You can purchase their songs on iTunes here.

fall out boy, thefifthparlour

(credits: falloutboy.com)

Well…. wait! They did not just launch an album, but they are currently on a Save Rock and Roll Tour 2013, with European and US legs announced! So… what is in for Singaporean fans? Fall Out Boy will be performing in our sunny island on 6th August 2013, at Fort Canning Park. I know many of you guys have been waiting for this, so am I! Time to unleash my inner fangirl!

fall out boy, thefifthparlour

(credits: falloutboy.com)

The band has created a Facebook event page for you to join! Check it out here, even though no specific details such as merch or anything has surfaced yet.

To get the tickets, which I think you totally should, check out Sistic’s page. Early bird tickets starts at 10am TODAY- in 30 minutes’ time, which cost $88 (*limited tickets available) and standard tickets cost $110. If you also fancy some merch, get them online here! I’m sure it will reach before the gig 😉

So, I survived the hiatus, and you?

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