Masked perfection

Hiya readers and Happy Mother’s Day weekend!

As part of our Mother’s Day series, for our beauty section, I am going to feature two products that my mum and I both use and love.

Mothers, this is your time to be pampered and what better way to prepare for that family dinner you have planned than getting a quick rejuvenation of the skin right?

Product number  1: would be Lush’s Fresh Face Cupcake mask.


Yes! You read that right. CUPCAKES. MMM!

Some basic info: Lush’s fresh face masks are made with fresh ingredients in each Lush store. So it’s always kept in the refrigerator.

This particular mask, smells precisely like it’s moniker: cupcakes! It contains oil absorbing kaolin and cocoa which is good for absorbing any extra oil but without stripping away your natural glow. Great for that last minute prep for a great night out with near to perfect skin.

Product number 2: Daiso’s Natural Pack Charcoal Mask.


Again, yes you read that right. Daiso! Although Daiso is a Japan company, this particular face mask is made in Korea. And it is one of the cult favourites amongst the beauty gurus.

This mask comes out like a gel (infuse with charcoals) and dries into a film that you are suppose to peel it off. I love that it’s in black and I can actually see all the oil sebum that’s been plugged out.

But you do have to take note that if your skin is relatively dry, DO NOT use it. It will tug your skin and I would not recommend that.

So I do hope you will be able to try it out regardless of your budget, and just have an awesome type pampering yourself, your mum, and whoever that may enjoy smooth supple skin.

Happy trying readers! xoxo, Fiza.

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