90s The Candy Studio

Some of you must be having a hard time deciding or thinking for a gift for Mother’s Day. Let me share with you a shop where you can get something meaningful and affordable at the same time!

90s The Candy Studio brings in food and items that that you can find in the 90s.

Does this ring a bell to you?

Does it bring back wonderful memories? Well, at least it does for the team at Fifth Parlour!

Look at those chocolates! I used to love them so much.

I can still remember the hype of push pop! I remember they came in all type of shapes and sizes. If I remember correctly. they have those shaped like a ring so you just suck on the sweet and at the same time have a ring on your finger. That was the coolest fad at that time! Silly but true.

So what is the connection between this shop and Mother’s Day?

I’m sure you pestered your Mum to buy these items when you were young and would cry if you could not get it? I can see some of you nodding your head. 😉

So why not go down the memory lane with these items?

First of all, you need a box where you can get at our all-time favourite Daiso for just $2. They have heart-shaped boxes or in other shapes with cute little heart shapes. If you have no time, the shop also provides hamper service.

Then head down to 90s The Candy Studio and pick the items that brings back memories to you. Perhaps also make a card for her! I am sure it’s not how beautiful the card is nor how expensive it is, but it is the content that makes it priceless.

On Mother’s Day, give her the box and sit with her and tell her why you bought those items. For example, “Mum, do you remember when I was young, I will always cry whenever you ignore me when I want to get this Ding Dang?”

I’m sure she will start laughing and maybe, even have tears in her eyes reminiscing the days when you were young. Take the time to bond with your Mum. Put a smile on her face. She deserves it for all the sacrifices she has make for you. Treasure her.

You don’t need to get an expensive present to make your Mum happy. All she needs is your love and concern. I know i’m guilty of not spending much time with my mum. Put away your smartphones on Mother’s Day and give her all your attention! It’s just for a day!

Before I forget, let me share with you where you can get these 90s items or foods.

Bugis Street

4 New Bugis Street


Singapore 188868


*SCAPE Underground

2 Orchard Link Unit B7

Singapore 237978

Alternatively, check out their website on http://www.90s.com.sg/

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