[CONCERT REVIEW] Totally Can’t Stop loving CNBLUE

Credits: One Production

South Korean quartet leading rock band CNBLUE was unstoppable as they rocked out the night with over 7000 fans at 2014 CNBLUE LIVE – Can’t Stop in Singapore. It was a fun-packed concert as they performed songs from their recent hit album Can’t Stop as well as classic hit tracks for over two hours.

As soon as the lights began to dim and the countdown on the screen started, the crowd started roaring and all eyes were focused on stage as they awaited the appearance of the quartet. Cheers amplified when the band entered from the back of the stadium, catching fans from the mosh pit off guard. From that point on, it was non-stop pure music and entertainment. Simply said, it is definitely one of the best nights for every Boice who attended the concert.

The quartet wasted no time as they opened the show with Time is Over as soon as they got on stage. Fans groove along in unison with the beats and a sea of blue lights filled the arena as they rocked out with Diamond Girl. Lead vocalist, Jung Yonghwa made fans go into a frenzy as he exclaimed, “Singapore, you are my diamond girl!”. Despite having no translator onstage, the quartet did a great job conversing actively with fans using their mediocre English. Yonghwa continued teasing the crowd as he asked for them to follow his cheers and beatboxing, cueing the next few tracks – IntuitionLOVECoffee Shop and In My Head.

Turning the tables at the halfway mark of the concert, the quartet serenaded the crowd with slower numbers. For a change, the arena was filled with a mix of blue, yellow and orange lights as they performed a tearjerking performance of Love Is. In fact, the same view was re-enacted during Love Light and this time round, guitarist, Lee Jonghyun could not hide his surprise and commented “Wow, it’s (a) beautiful time”. Jonghyun’s soothing vocals sent chills across the stadium as he tugged the heartstrings of all during his emotional performance of Teardrops in the Rain. It was a beautiful scene as the crowd sang along with him. It is very apparent of how much the vocalists of the band have improved comparing to a year ago!

Even though drummer, Kang Minhyuk rarely moved out of his drumming zone, one could not just simply miss his skilful playing with many instances of him coolly flipping the drumsticks and without missing a beat, continuing to rock the stadium. He was all praises with Singapore as he talked about how much he loved local delights Chilli Crab, Pepper Crab, Oat Prawn and Tofu and the clean and green nature which makes him heal. Yonghwa send laughters as he broke out into an adlib of LOVE singing: Love Love Love Everybody Crab Crab Crab I want Pepper Crab. Bassist, Lee Jungshin got fans screaming as he threw out some footowork and dance moves with his killer smile!

Not only were the music on point, the stunning laser works were pretty impressive too! In light of the recent Sewol ferry tragedy in South Korea, fans wore yellow ribbons as a symbol of miracle hope. During the ending talk, Yonghwa expressed his thanks and shared his hopes for their music to be the light and hope to those affected by the tragedy.

The quartet took one last bow and sealed the night with a touching encore performance of Love Light and promised to be back again. CNBLUE is definitely a band with impressive musical talent, and great stage presence.

Thank you ONE Production for organizing 2014 CNBLUE LIVE – Can’t Stop in Singapore and I am already looking forward to their next visit!