Father’s Day Issue: Card/Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is here! Thinking of giving your dad a gift but have no idea what to buy?

Well, I would say a handmade gift would be more sincere than something bought with money.

So, I am here to share with you a really adorable card that I have chanced upon online, that can be done within 5 minutes!

All you need is…

Farfelle pasta. (Or commonly known as ‘bowtie pasta’!)

Pasta? For a card? Yes!

Paint and decorate the pasta however you want to, then paste them onto patterned or coloured paper and you are good to go! Adorable and sleek looking card in 5 minutes. 🙂

Thank you, The Gold Jellybean!

For the tech savvy design people, you can play around with typography! A simple typography card always works.

Have fun, and Happy Father’s Day to all Dads out there!

These Brittle Bones

Close your eyes and listen to this. Pay close attention to the lyrics.

Now, make a guess, how old do you think he is?

With that soul and depth to it, I was indeed astonished when I realised that he is only 14 years old! He is none other than Chris Jones, or more popular known by his stage name, These Brittle Bones.

Photo credit: Chris Jone’s facebook page

As if being so soulful and full of depth at the young age of 14 isn’t astonishing enough – what blew me away was that Chris wrote all the songs by himself. I wish I was this talented at 14. I was in school doing maths back then…

Most of his songs are very cathartic. When asked where did he draws inspiration from, Chris told us that he uses writing as a way of releasing emotions that get bottled up and can’t be expelled otherwise. Other parts of writing come from missing family at home too and observations, etc.

This music video, Anchor Bleed, was shot back home in Chris’ hometown, Wales. Shooting this video was a very emotional experience, as Chris told us. Four incredible people (Leonard Soosay, Gerald Stahlmann, Gilani Sumida-Mosieff and Jason Wong), went to his hometown for a week to shoot it through early mornings and wet weather, and thus creating the final video as above.

Having worked with one of the most famous producers in Singapore, Leonard Soosay, Chris mentioned that Leonard is one of the most down-to-earth and humble people he has ever met. Leonard is brilliant at what he does, and can get the exact sound Chris wants every time. It has been a joy and an honour to work with him, Chris added.

As stated, Chris came from Swansea, Wales. When asked what are some of the things he loves about Singapore, he answered that he loves the people here! All the musicians he has met have been incredibly professional, welcoming and everyone seems very kind, he said. He finds that Singapore is a great place to discover music and play shows, and it has been a whirlwind so far for him!

Chris migrated to Singapore together with his family, while his grandparents and his other relatives are back home. Creating and playing music, and keeping busy have helped him to cope from missing his hometown. Chris mentioned that he is really enjoying out here, and wants to keep making more and more music.

The local scene has been very welcoming to Chris, and all the musicians are so incredibly talented at what they do, he added. Despite Singapore being a small country, it is a great place to collaborate and learn things from each other. There are so much talents out here and thankfully, with the emergence of a lot of new platforms like YouTube, our local artistes are able to showcase their abilities to a wide audience.

Fun fact:
One best memory
We’ve got a new song from the upcoming album called “Ivy”, and everytime we play it live, it gets an absolutely incredible reaction, that reaction over and over again makes for the best moments.

One embarrassing moment
An embarrassing moment would be bending down to switch on a pedal repeatedly (when you are meant to use your feet!!)

Photo credit: Chris Jone’s facebook page

Chris’ third single entitled ‘Bloom’, from his debut album, would be released on the 17th of June. The song will be available to download on iTunes and stream on Spotify and Deezer from the 17th of June.

Being so successful at such a young age, I am sure his future would be bright. All the best to his future endeavours! 🙂

For more information, downloads, and merchandise:

Official website

Band camp (his songs are available for download here)

Merchandise store

Also, you can follow Chris Jones (These Brittle Bones) at his Facebook and Twitter.

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