A Kiss into The Future: Stream Disney+ Latest Comedy-Drama, “Kiss Sixth Sense” from May 25!

Disney+’s latest romance and comedy-drama, Kiss Sixth Sense, is adapted from a South Korean web novel platform, Naver Series. According to The Korean Herald, the web novel itself has already garnered 732,000 subscribers and drew in over 29.3 million cumulative views. The numbers alone show how highly anticipated this novel-turned-drama would be!


Credits: Disney+

After five years of intense pressure, a steady stream of all-nighters, and a series of nervous breakdowns, overachieving advertising executive Hong Yesul (Seo Ji Hye) was at the end of her rope with her domineering boss. Impossible to please and loathed by his underlings, the wildly successful Cha Minhoo (Yoon Kye Sang) is the last person anyone would ever want to get romantically involved with. But when a workplace accident triggered Yesul’s ability to see the future, she was confronted with the impossible – a picture of her and the most hated man in the company locked in a passionate embrace.

The South Korean drama has a similar storyline to other dramas I have watched before. It is a mix of science fiction and romance if you count the ability to see the future with a touch of a kiss. It is quite subtle, in my opinion as to how Yesul used her ability on anyone she encountered.


Credits: Disney+

After watching the first two episodes, you will probably want to explore more on Cha Minhoo assumed health deficiency, as this was left unanswered. Hong Yesul gets health advice for her lack of rest from the same doctor at the hospital. Following a freak accident at a work event, they both landed at the hospital. The doctor accidentally blurted a clue which was helpful for Hong Yesul’s quest to uncover the future she has foreseen.

Credits: Disney+

This is one of the few main roles helmed by Seo Ji Hye, which I think is enjoyable to watch as she was last seen in a supporting role in the famous drama, Crash Landing on You (2019). It is the undeniable chemistry she has when paired with the charming Yoon Kye Sang, who portrayed a cocky and firm attitude towards his subordinates. He has played a variety of persona in dramas like Crime Puzzle (2021) and the South Korean remake of the American political drama with the same name, The Good Wife (2016).

The drama has a lineup of casts with crazy antics that will keep you giggling for more. Catch the workplace romantic comedy Kiss Sixth Sense now streaming exclusively on Disney+!

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