Singapore Design Label AKINN Collaborates with Inch Chua to Launch Capsule Collection ‘AKINN 2.4: Kind Earth’

Singapore fashion label AKINN, led by creative director Wykidd Song, is teaming up with performing and recording artiste Inch Chua to launch a fashion capsule collection, AKINN 2.4: Kind Earth, anchored on the message of sustainability. 


Credits: AKINN Facebook Page

The collection focuses on making sustainability sustainable, taking on a practical approach with the understanding that an all-or-nothing mindset is unattainable for most. Sustainability, is after all, not about making drastic lifestyle transformations, but taking the steps towards being aware, seeking education, and practicing mindfulness in our choices. It starts with small yet meaningful changes to our daily life.

akinn collaboration with inch chua

Credits: Canglo

AKINN’s approach has always been to approach its’ pieces through the lens of low waste design and classic, timeless silhouettes instead of chasing seasons and trends. AKINN 2.4: Kind Earth was designed in line with Inch Chua’s latest single trees, which is a powerful ode to nature, and relates to her personal experience during lockdown. It is her lament about finding comfort in nature surrounding us – taking refuge in the simple things around us, things that we have taken for granted so often, to heal and grow.


Credits: Canglo

The collection features 11 unique pieces made of earth-friendly fabrics such as viscose, tencel, and cotton. They are accompanied by shades that are a nod to all things natural. and stimulated by the warm, summer hues present in Mother Nature.

The AKINN 2.4: Kind Earth pieces will be available for pre-order on from 15 October 2021, and can be purchased later in the month at the AKINN showroom, Design Orchard, and Trixilini.

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