The Foundations of Love in a Bittersweet Twist in 無源之愛 (No Room for Love) by Jason Yu & Soph T. 霏霏

Local singer-songwriter, Jason Yu released his first ever Mandarin single 無源之愛 (No Room for Love) with Soph T. 霏霏. 無源之愛 (No Room for Love) is a mid tempo ballad with lyrics based on the Chinese idiom “无源之水,无本之木” which means, a water without source, a wood without its root resembles how things would eventually fall apart without its basic foundations just like every relationships. It also expressed the inner conflict every couple would experience after a break up. The composition is very addictive along with the lyrics. It leaves you with a bittersweet feeling.

Jason Yu and Sophie

Credits: Jason Yu

Both Yu and Soph T. 霏霏 share similar musical journeys, such as performing on the streets before debuting as official recording singers. Their friendship began while performing on the streets in Orchard Road a few years back. Despite knowing each other for four years now, this is their first proper collaboration after brainstorming discussions that finally led to the birth of this Mandarin single.

Soph T. 霏霏 who wrote the lyrics of this song shared that since both her and Yu are better at writing love or relationships songs, they  decided to go along with this direction for this collaboration. She also expressed that this is her first writing for a duet which made the process challenging but fun. She added that she is extremely satisfied with the outcome of the single!

Stay connected to Jason Yu via his social medias: Instagram, Facebook and Spotify and Soph T. 霏霏; Instagram, Facebook and Spotify.

無源之愛 (No Room for Love) is now available on Spotify and all major music streaming platforms!

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